Mentions in Chapter Page

You can now mention users when making comments on the Chapter Page in CtrlPrint. Mentioning a user is a great way to alert someone about a comment you have made. You can @mention people that are involved in the chapter of your project and they will receive a notification about the mention via email. The comment will be visible for all users but only the mentioned ones will get a notification email.

How to mention a person?

  • To activate the mention functionality, type the @ symbol or click the @ icon in the bottom right corner of the text editor.
  • Using the mouse or your keyboard, select the person you wish to mention from the list. By typing after the @ symbol you can filter within the list of people available to mention.
  • When a person is @mentioned, a label appears around their name to indicate the mention.
  • The person will be notified via Email when you post your comment.

Please Note: The previous functionality to “notify users responsible for the layout” has been removed from the chapter page and is now replaced with @mentions. When using mentions the individual user permissions for the chapter you are commenting on is shown in the mentions dropdown.

Duplicate Project has been enhanced

The Duplicate Project feature that enables Company Administrators to quickly create a new project based on the structure of an existing one has been extended with the ability to duplicate more parts of an existing project. Additional features such as TrackChanges and Review, TrackChanges Settings, and PDF-presets are now included in the Duplicate Project process in addition to what was already duplicated previously.

What is duplicated?

  • Chapter names and order
  • Users and permissions
  • Project administrators
  • Project user colors
  • Additional features (TrackChanges, WordExport, Review, ESEF Reporting) NEW
  • TrackChanges Settings NEW
  • PDF-presets NEW

What is not duplicated?

  • Documents, chapter versions and comments
  • ESEF Project Settings
  • Inactivated chapters

Please Note: If the additional feature “ESEF Reporting” is activated, please note that the ESEF Project Settings are not duplicated and needs to be set for the new project.