Reuse a project in CtrlPrint

We are happy to introduce a new feature that will save company administrators a lot of time. Instead of creating every new project from scratch, you are now able to duplicate existing projects and reuse some of the settings (please see list below for information on what is duplicated).

The duplicate project feature allows you to quickly create a new project based on the structure of an existing one. It can be very helpful when you need to start a new project but want to keep the structure and permissions of another project. For example, if you are starting next year’s report or a report in an alternative language.

Please Note: The duplicate project feature is available for company administrators.

How to duplicate a project?

When you choose to duplicate a project, you will start a process that will make a copy of your current project’s structure including the users and permissions.

  1. On the company page, open the context menu (three dots icon) for the project you wish to duplicate and select Duplicate Project.
  2. You will get a ”Duplicate Project” guide, name your new project and select Duplicate to initiate the creation of the new project.
  3. Once the project is duplicated select Go to project to navigate to the new project or Close to stay on the company page.

Please Note: Inactive projects must be activated before they can be duplicated.

What is duplicated?

  • Chapter names and order
  • Users and permissions (make sure to remove all users who are not part of the new project)
  • Project administrators
  • Project user colours

What is not duplicated?

  • Documents, chapter versions and comments
  • Inactivated chapters
  • Additional features (TrackChanges, WordExport, Review, ESEF Reporting)
  • PDF-presets

Please Note: Once your new project has been created, be sure to enable any features you require that were not included in the duplicate project process. When a new project is created, it works just like any other project you might create. Therefore any changes you make to the original project won’t be reflected in the project.

Coming soon

Later this year we will add ’Additional features’ and ’PDF-presets’ to the list of things that will follow when duplicating a project. More information can be found here on our blog when this is available.

If you have any questions you are welcome to contact your Account Manager or our Client services.