May we borrow 15 minutes of your valuable time and kindly ask you to participate in this survey about the production of sustainability reports, their development over the past few years and a glance into the future?

What is the purpose of the survey?
The idea behind this survey is to examine trends in the development of sustainability reports since the Non-Financial Reporting Directive was introduced in 2017 as well as the level of preparedness for future disclosure requirements and changes in legislation. The survey is only sent to sustainability managers or persons in similar roles.

This survey is a follow-up to the one we conducted in 2018 called “The making of a sustainability report”. The focus was to gather knowledge on how the work of producing a sustainability report was conducted and to share that knowledge with you and other professionals in the field. You can order a printed copy or a PDF of that report, free of charge, and view videos from the presenting seminar here: (only in Swedish).

Back in 2016 we conducted a similar survey called “The making of an annual report”. You can order a printed copy of that report, free of charge, (both in Swedish and English) and view videos from the presenting seminar here: (only in Swedish).

Why is CtrlPrint conducting these types of surveys?
CtrlPrint is Europe’s leading collaborative service used for the production of designed corporate and financial reports created with Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy. During our training sessions and meetings with users of CtrlPrint we receive a lot of questions about how other companies are planning and organizing their work with annual and sustainability reports. We believe there are many advantages in sharing best practices and experiences around financial and non-financial communication.

Why should you respond to this survey?
In return for your contribution, you will gain access to examples of best practices, new insights, and valuable inspiration for working with your upcoming sustainability reports. You will also understand more about what needs to be included in future reports.

How and when will I receive the results of this survey?
On November 17, 2020 we will be arranging a webinar where we will present the most interesting results from the survey, among other things. You can register yourself and a colleague for this webinar in the survey.
As soon as the written report is complete, we will send you the report by mail or email based on your preference.

How long will it take to respond?
The response time is about 15 minutes. Most questions are multiple choice where you click the appropriate option. We want to cover as many relevant areas as possible and therefore the survey is fairly comprehensive.

Is there a deadline?
No, we will keep collecting replies during the remainder of 2020, at least. During the webinar on November 17, 2020 we will present the preliminary results. The full report will be published in the beginning of 2021.

We hope this sounds interesting and worth some of your valuable time.

Best regards,

Sofia Nilsson
Sustainability Consultant
CtrlPrint AB

Karl Magnus Westerberg
Head of Sales
CtrlPrint AB