For the upcoming reporting season, we would like to inform you about an important action concerning Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy. From October 2022, CtrlPrint will support version 2022 (v17) and 2023 (upcoming v18). We recommend using 2022 (v17) until further notice.

We will no longer be able to support version 2021 (v16) as Adobe will be removing this version from Creative Cloud.

What this means for you:

  • Together with your agency or clients, make sure you create next year’s projects in version 2022 (v17).
  • Coordinate with your IT department to ensure that all users have version 2022 before the project is activated in CtrlPrint.
  • Update Transfer Manager to the latest version. (Version 1.6 is required to use 2022.)
  • InDesign users who will be adding documents to the system will need to install our plugins for 2022.
  • Keep older versions of InDesign and InCopy so that you can continue to open and read previous years’ documents.

More information and installation instructions can be found on our support page